October 8, 2012

Gallery of Terror

 For Halloween, Utah Valley University's Illustration Club is holding their first annual "Gallery of Terror." Here is the poster for submissions!

So, as this was open submission, I had to submit something (No excuse there). I'm pretty proud of the results. Here are the pieces I entered, inspired by characters from a story created by Holly Hoenshell-Nelson:

 The Demon Maleng. 

The Demon Liac.

Demons are so much fun to draw. I remember the first time my mom saw some of these guys in my sketchbook, she said, "My sweet little girl created these?"

Well, ya mom, I did. Aintcha' proud of me?

I'm excited to see these hanging up in the gallery, along with the work of my peers! We have a very talented group of Illustrators and Artists. I'm glad they did something like this where the submission was "If it's turned in, it's in."