October 15, 2012


So, this semester at school I am pretty busy. I am taking 15 credit hours! Not sure exactly what I was thinking... But I am busy, busy, busy.

Neuschwanstein Castle

I start every day with my German class at 10 am. I love German so much. I've always wanted to take it, ever since high-school, and it's such a thrill to finally be learning a language I love so much! Ich liebe Deutschkurs!

My least favorite class is probably... English. Which I hate to say! I love the English language and I love to write. But unfortunately, the entire class is centered around one novella: Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.  My feelings can pretty much be summed up by this picture of the author himself:

Are we done talking about this book yet?

No. We have to write THREE essays on it. *face to desk*If you haven't heard of this book, or if you have heard of it and haven't read it... I'm not surprised. I can handle fluffy, over-elaborate dense language in a novel but this read was just... taxing. Yes, I know it was purposefully written that way. But did that serve soften the brain-ache I felt during my experience? No. It did not. The best summary and explanation of this terribly ambiguous read is done by 60 second recap. She's a little cheesy, but I like cheesy humor and the way she explains things is entertaining and super helpful.

One of my favorite classes this semester is probably my Watermedia class taught by Doctor Winters. Basically, I'm learning how to Watercolor. This is my first class with water mediums and I'm really enjoying the experience. I think my work is improving by leaps and bounds. My latest, that I'm most proud of, is my own interpretation of Albert Aublet's painting titled, "On the Beach."

Aublet's:  (sorry for the annoying water mark)



I'm very pleased with the way this piece turned out. Dr. Winters asked to purchase the original and it belongs to his private collection. My first Watercolor sold!

PS: Wasafaben means Watercolor in German.